If you’re having problems with a Thaki resource, check out our frequently asked questions where we have ready made solutions to the most common problems. If your question isn’t answered here, please get in touch for further help with Thaki laptops!


Are there resources to help me use the content that is on my Thaki computer?

Yes! In the Thaki Content Resource Guide you will find a table that lists the programs on Thaki computers. All the programs are listed with their subject, grade level and language. Some also have a link to helpful instructional material under the ‘Videos’ and ‘User Guide columns.

Are there resources to help me prepare my lessons when I teach using Thaki computers?

Yes! The Teacher Digital Toolkit provides many resources designed to support educators to teach more confidently and effectively with digital tools and Thaki’s educational content. You can use these in the classroom, in a blended format, or at a distance.

My laptop stopped working suddenly. What should I do?

Flat batteries are the most common reason for a laptop to stop working. Many of our laptops have a short battery life due to frequent use and unreliable electricity. Please keep all laptops plugged in so that they do not suddenly run out of charge and try not to let them go below 10% battery charge.

What happens if my computer is frozen and nothing is happening?

Try closing all the programs that you have open. If that doesn’t work press the power button and start your computer up again. For better performance always close all programs and shut down your computer properly at the end of every day. Avoid pressing the power button to turn it off.

Where can I meet other teachers who are using Thaki laptops and software?
I don’t feel confident using computers in lessons. What can I do?

If you don’t feel confident yet, don’t worry! We have supported lots of teachers to use computers in class for the first time. The first step is to sign up and take a course in the Teacher Digital Toolkit . You have taken the first step – congratulations!