Thaki Content Resource Guide

Useful learning resources

Thaki Content Resource Guide

Thaki Content Resource Guide – A guide of the software programs and educational content that are loaded on Thaki laptops for offline accessibility. The guide includes content descriptions with instructional videos and web links, and is sortable based on subject, grade level, and language.

Teacher Digital Toolkit

Teacher Digital Toolkit

Digital Toolkit for teachers – A bilingual platform with a variety of resources and learning modules that support teachers (primary users) who have a range of digital literacy levels to teach more confidently and effectively with digital tools and Thaki’s educational content. These can be applied in the classroom, in a blended format, or at a distance. These resources are meant to serve as an inspiration for integrating technology rather than as strict rules to follow, and teachers are invited to adapt resources to suit their learners’ needs.

Useful online educational resources

Useful online educational resources – A selection (not comprehensive) of useful online educational resources, many of them open source and in Arabic or multi-lingual, that can help learners at various stages in their learning journey. The resources can also be sorted under elementary, secondary and post secondary/professional filters for ease of navigation.

Tutorial videos for content on Thaki computers

Tutorial videos for content on Thaki computers – Short instructional videos created by Thaki to help Thaki users successfully use the educational content and programs loaded on their computers.

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