Content Resource Guide

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Thaki Content Resource Guide 

Please use this page to help guide you through the content that is loaded on Thaki laptops for offline accessibility. The table below includes videos and web links that will help you use the programs, which you can sort based on subject, grade level, and language. For ease of use, we have included a search functionality for keyword searches.

The availability of the content on your laptop will depend on when you received your laptop from Thaki and may not include everything listed in this table.

We have also included a table of helpful tips and tricks for e-learning and working in a digital environment.

Enjoy and happy learning/happy teaching!

Take a 10-minute tour of a Thaki laptop.

Tech Tricks: Here are some helpful hints and tricks for e-learning and working online.

Click here for our Digital Toolkit of training resources for teachers.

Thaki content guide and useful resources 

Viewing on your mobile phone or tablet: If you’re viewing this table on your mobile phone or tablet, please view it in wide (landscape) mode so that you can see all of the columns. You will also see a + sign in the boxes under the “Title” column. Click on the + so that you can see more details and links for each of the programs.