Partnering across sectors to achieve
quality education

Small actions, big changes

Every company we work with shares our vision for quality education and technology skills for all children. The companies that donate their hardware and software, support us financially and volunteer time and in-kind contributions are all crucial to achieving our shared mission and make education CSR part of their ethos.

As we grow, our partners help us to reach more children every year. Thaki has repurposed thousands of devices as learning tools, giving children who were being denied an education the opportunity to learn. 

Find out more about Thaki’s impact and how, with our innovative offline programming solution, corporate hardware becomes a motivational learning tool.

Join Thaki’s mission

Help us reach more children who are missing out on a quality education. Together we can unlock their potential and you can achieve your education aims through your corporate social responsibility (CSR) or environmental, social and governance (ESG) programming. Get involved with Thaki today.

Award-winning progress

We’re honoured to have received a number of awards recognizing and celebrating what we have achieved so far – discover more about Thaki’s award-winning work on our about us page.