Success is seeing children motivated
by our learning tools


cumulatively, learning using Thaki’s tech


repurposed, enriched and saved from landfill 


from 52 different education providers


using Thaki devices in refugee schools and centers 


in-kind value of distributed hardware and content

Teachers say:


Computers’ impact on student motivation (2022)


students found the Thaki content helpful (2022)


Computers’ impact on students with learning difficulties (2022)

After 6 months with Thaki laptops and resources:


percentage point increase in students reported "good" or "very good" maths knowledge


percentage point increase in students reported "good" or "very good" in English


percentage point increase in students reported "good" or "very good" knowledge of climate change


of students found the Thaki content helpful


increase in students’ confidence using a computer

External evaluation by the Centre for Lebanese Studies, based on pre- and post-assessment, 2022, students surveyed in Jordan and UAE. Difference between pre and post engagement with Thaki as reported by students.

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Our model has the potential to bring innovative and engaging education technology to refugees, helping hundreds of thousands of displaced and marginalized children to learn.

In the voices of our community…


When I was first told that I would be teaching computer classes to first graders, I admit it, I thought, ‘What kind of program would be suitable to support these students? There is no such thing.’ After seeing Thaki’s content I thought to myself, ‘Everyone should have access to these programs in countries around the world!’ Especially when we consider refugees, or those living through war, those living in poverty, or those who are orphans.

– Mr. Mohammad

I believe in the power of school in helping me achieve my dream to study and learn! I have an idea that the most important thing in life is education and nothing else will benefit me as much as my education.

– Teacher Manar

We were so impressed with the fact that Thaki laptops work without wifi! We struggle with power cuts on a daily basis and we usually are forced to have the children wait for at least two hours until wifi is back again. Yesterday we taught them using Thaki laptops, without the need for wifi, and it was so smooth! I also want to praise the fantastic educational materials loaded on the laptops as I personally have even been enjoying using them and learning, not only the children! Thank you!

– Student Tripulley

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