Content Resource Guide

This page will guide you through the content that comes loaded on to a Thaki laptop. We continually update the free education software available so some older models may not have everything listed – get in touch if you have any questions.

Tour of Thaki Laptops

Before you get started, take a quick tour of the software and get to grips with what’s on offer. 

Get To Know Our Free Education Software

Learning doesn’t come in just one shape or size! Thaki offers ebooks, math quizzes, educational cartoons, games and lots more on every laptop. Have a look through these tables to find out exactly what free education software is on offer and how it will support your teaching and learning. 

Viewing on your mobile phone or tablet: If you’re viewing this table on your mobile phone or tablet, please view it in wide (landscape) mode so that you can see all of the columns. You will also see a + sign in the boxes under the “Title” column. Click on the + so that you can see more details and links for each of the programs.

  • Branded Content
  • Audio Stories
  • Educational Games
  • Software Programs & Tools
  • Diccontinued Programs