We believe that every child deserves a
quality education

About Thaki

Thaki is a social impact non-profit organization registered in the Netherlands and Lebanon, and founded in 2015. Our circular economy model takes donated and used computer hardware and edtech software, and delivers these vital learning tools to schools that cater to refugee and vulnerable children in the Middle East. As a women-led NGO, we are working to secure brighter futures by providing digital education to refugee children, no matter their circumstances.

Thaki, pronounced “the key”, means “smart” in Arabic. 

Our mission

To provide the tools and software for every refugee and vulnerable child to thrive through learning, empowering them no matter what their circumstances.

Our vision

A world in which every child has access to quality education, where educational and digital inequality is banished, and where we share our resources sustainably and help one another with compassion.

Our people

The Thaki team is universally dedicated to our mission and we come from an array of backgrounds in corporate, education and not-for-profit work. Find out more about us here.

Our history

Founded in 2015 and registered in 2016, Thaki is a social impact non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political organization. 

Companies donate their second-hand electronic devices to us (mostly laptops), and we refurbish them, load them with fun, interactive offline learning content (either proprietary or open source) then distribute them to our education partners in the Middle East. They go on to have a second life of high impact giving children in vulnerable circumstances an education they may otherwise have missed out on. 

Our refurbished devices have provided thousands of children with the equipment they need to gain a quality education and improve their digital skills. Working with education partners, our innovative offline learning solutions are bursting with fun, innovative and interactive learning software! 

Although we work to provide an education to all children, we know that more girls remain out of school than boys. Girls education NGOs are more important than ever in addressing this imbalance: we are passionate about achieving equitable education for all children.

Thaki has received numerous awards and recognition in support of our work:

What is Thaki?

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