Securing bright futures with
digital education

We use technology to empower refugee and
vulnerable children to learn and thrive. 

Education is a human right. We believe digital literacy is too – that’s why Thaki empowers refugee and vulnerable children to learn and thrive.

Thaki, pronounced “ the key”, means “smart ” in Arabic. 

Help us to unlock their potential now!

How we unlock potential


learning using Thaki’s tech (cumulative annual reach)


repurposed, enriched and saved from landfill 


in-kind value of distributed hardware and content


using Thaki devices in refugee schools and centers 

“The only thing you can take with you is your education.”

Your old laptops
can secure a child’s future

By donating used laptops to Thaki, you’ll be helping vulnerable children gain an education, digital skills, and opening doors to a brighter future – as well as reusing equipment that could otherwise have been deemed obsolete. Just one laptop can make a difference to many children.

Some of our content partners

These organizations have generously donated their education or productivity software to Thaki’s community. When a Thaki laptop arrives at a school, these programs are already loaded and ready to use offline through our custom built app. Discover more about the wide range of partners who make all this possible.

Meet Nour!

Nour’s world is a new project by Thaki, built in partnership with TNO with support from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. We are developing a self-guided digital program that builds children’s emotional resilience, and that of their caregivers and teachers. The program is based on scientific research, and will be available online and offline.

Thaki has received numerous awards and recognition in support of our work:

Supporting the UN
sustainable development goals

Quality Education

Thaki provides access to quality educational equipment and material to refugee and vulnerable children, and supports teachers with training tools and resources

Responsible consumption and production

Every year, over 50Mt of e-waste is generated globally. Extending a used laptop’s life is part of the circular model that is at the core of what we do.

Gender equality

Through education, Thaki helps girls avoid early and forced marriage. Many of our partners focus on education and digital literacy for women and girls.

Climate action

Thaki tracks and offsets carbon emissions arising from core operational activities like working from home, business travel and logistics. 

Decent work and economic growth

Our partners empower women and youth with skills and workplace training, and Thaki provides the digital platform to further that mission.

Peace, justice and strong institutions

Thaki’s education content promotes human rights, gender equality, peaceful coexistence, global citizenship and diversity.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Thaki’s plug-and-play system is preloaded with a wealth of offline content, increasing access to information.

Partnerships for the goals

Collaboration and multi-stakeholder partnerships are at the core of Thaki’s business model.

Decent work & economic growth

Our partners empower women and youth with skills and workplace training, and Thaki provides the digital platform to further that mission.

A member of the UN Global Compact

We are passionate about playing our part in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, a global set of priorities to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Thaki has been part of the UN Global Compact Network since March 2022.