Our Current Focus

Refugee children are missing out on their education and we want to help.

The concept is simple. Electronic devices, such as laptops, are often retired long before their productive life is over. Thaki collects such devices from corporations, institutions and individuals. Our approach is to load the devices with links to educational content and get them in the hands of young refugees with limited educational resources.

We distribute the computers to educational centers that work with refugee children, in addition to giving computers to older students, such as university scholarship students, who need a computer to support their learning.

Our name in Arabic means “smart”. Phonetically it’s pronounced “the key” – because we want to give children the key to unlock their potential!
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Thaki Nederland is a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political association founded in 2015 and is registered as a foundation in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce: #65713834, RSIN # 8562.29.490 and has been awarded ANBI status. It is run by a volunteer board with Rudayna Abdo as President, Geoffrey Alphonso as Treasurer and Cecile van Oppen as Secretary.

To date we have distributed 430+ computers that are touching the educational lives of over 4,000 refugees and vulnerable children. We have a current demand for an additional 2,000 laptops. The number of partner NGOs served thus far or are seeking partnership with Thaki is 30, and growing.

Our short-term goal is to distribute 2,000 electronic devices, growing to 6,000 within 3 years. While we will continue leveraging volunteer talent to the greatest extent possible, funds are needed for operations, hiring of IT staff and logistics of delivering the computers to refugee communities. Furthermore, it is our ambition to bring an electronic waste solution to the recipient countries that currently lack sustainable e-waste solutions.

Look our for our first annual report which will be published in early 2018.

Thaki Nederlands: James Wattstraat 100-8, 1097DM Amsterdam, Netherlands. info@thaki.org

“You can’t imagine the amazing impact of the programs on my students’ attitude in the classroom and towards education.”

Farah Mhanna
Teach for Lebanon Fellow

TEDxAmsterdamED: Educating refugee children by using e-learning tools

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What We Believe

Thaki. Unlock their potential

Our vision is to eliminate the inequity brought about by poverty, war and disasters and to foster a world in which we sustainably share our resources and help one another with compassion and benevolence.


We believe that every child is entitled to a happy, safe childhood.

We believe that every child deserves an education.

We believe that learning can be fun and engaging.

We believe in applying technology to advance our learning.

We believe in sharing our resources.

We believe in eliminating waste.

We believe in helping one another to live peacefully and to be and achieve our best.

About Us

We empower refugee and disadvantaged children to learn and thrive through self-paced, motivational electronic tools.

Our Team

Our Advisory Board

Our Partners

We believe in mutual collaboration and, as such, our model is to partner with those who are expert in their field. We are honored to be supported by the following entities.

Supporters who made pro bono contributions

Educational Content Partners

Educational Provider Partners

Donors of Electronic Devices

A daughter of refugees herself, Rudayna founded Thaki with the aim of helping displaced children continue their education. The foundation does so by providing “gently used computers,” loading them with engaging educational content, and getting them to young refugees with limited educational resources.

Rudayna’s talk won the 2017  TEDxAmsterdamED Award.

Technology Partners

We work with and are looking for providers of hardware, software and telecom solutions to deploy e-learning. Join us with your solution!

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Education Partners

We link and load quality educational content on the distributed electronic devices enabling children to learn in a self-motivated, engaging fashion. Let us know if you can help!

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Training Partners

We partner with providers of technology teacher training as well as hardware and software tech support. If you have these professional skills and would like to help please contact us!

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Logistics Partners

We get the donated computers cleaned, imaged and deployed to the children in education centers. Support us if this is your area of expertise!

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